Do you want to create a website for a personal or professional project? The Binghe Soft’s mission is to help you find the most appropriate solution for your project.

Binghe Soft allows you to estimate the budget of your project free of charge and recommends a selection of certified service providers or website creation software adapted to your needs.

The origin of the project

Creating a website has never been so easy, but the solutions to achieve it are now so numerous that it becomes very difficult to find your way around: agencies, freelancers, open source or proprietary CMS,… Each type of solution having its advantages and disadvantages, its good students and its bad, a certain expertise remains necessary to make the right choices.
Composed of entrepreneurs and web experts, the Binghe Soft’s founding team wanted to put its passion and experience in website creation to good use by sharing its knowledge acquired through web projects. In order to make it possible for as many people as possible to benefit from it, we have created the Binghe Soft.

The Binghe Soft’s commitments

The Binghe Soft project is based on three strong commitments to its users:

  • Our service is completely free of charge

The Binghe Soft’s website creation solutions recommendation service is totally free of charge for users. No commitment or consideration is required.

  • We analyse solutions independently

The site creation software and certified service providers have all been evaluated by the Binghe Soft according to a grid of objective criteria to best measure their ability to meet the needs of our users.

  • We only offer you solutions adapted to your needs

Each recommendation of the Binghe Soft is based on an analysis of the needs and constraints related to your project. This information allows us to select only the service providers and software capable of meeting your expectations and guarantees you a tailor-made recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are software and tools classified?

Our editorial team tests each software and evaluates different criteria such as ease of use, design quality, etc. Each criterion is rated out of 5, which then allows an overall score to be established for each software program. By default, the list of software is classified according to this overall score, which reflects the assessment made by the Net Factory editorial team, independently of any economic interests of the Net Factory with regard to software publishers (see the paragraph “How is the Net Factory remunerated?”).

It should be noted that the lists of software presented are in no way intended to be exhaustive for a given category of software. The presence or not of a software in a given list is above all a matter of an editorial choice by the Binghe Soft, which judges the relevance for these visitors to propose an evaluation of this software. The fact that a software company is present in our lists of software and tools does not have a charge, even if there may be economic links between Binghe Soft and certain software publishers (see the paragraph “How is Binghe Soft remunerated?”).

In addition, the prices of these software products are presented for information purposes only and are intended to be identical to the prices charged directly by the software publisher itself. They therefore do not include any additional commission for the Binghe Soft, nor any discount for the end user. Any difference between the prices indicated on the Binghe Soft and the prices charged directly by the software publisher would thus result from a change in the software publisher’s pricing policy of which the Binghe Soft has not been kept informed. Software sheets are updated mainly when a user or software publisher reports an inaccuracy in the factual information on the presentation of a software product, or during major changes in the services offered by a software publisher or at the initiative of a member of the editorial team.