Advantages Of Becoming A Programmer

“Choose a job you love, and you won’t have to work a single day of your life. »

This is the slogan I have been proclaiming since my debut in the professional world and which I have proudly posted since my first blog. We spend a large majority of our lives working. So, let’s spend the past doing something that we are passionate about and that takes us by the gills.

You may want to get past it, but you don’t see yourself doing this all your life. Let me share several advantages with you to convince you that programming will help you in your daily life.

Job of the future

I don’t think I’m telling you anything. Since the democratization of the Internet in the 2000s, computers have become omnipresent in our daily lives. Computer, smartphone, tablet, connected watch… We all take some with us. To achieve all this, it is necessary to design software. And in your opinion, who are the people who realize them? We are the programmers.

New jobs are being democratized every year in IT. Until a few years ago, we heard very little about Big Data specialists, for example. Know that investing in an IT profession will ensure a bright future for you professionally.

You can easily find work

Imagine that an agri-food company offers a job offer, in your opinion how many people will apply? Probably over a hundred. Imagine the same for a programmer offer. How many do you think there are? Not much. In fact, it is important to be aware that on the French market, for example, there are on average about ten job offers for a single developer. In other words, you do your shopping and choose where you want to go. I have experienced it personally.

You no longer like your company? No problem! No problem! Update your CV, put it online and you will receive dozens of calls for interviews. I’m not exaggerating. It’s really like that in France anyway. However, I live in the north of France (Haut de France) which is the region with the highest unemployment rate. It’s a reality: the labour market is facing a shortage of developers and saying that you can’t find a job in this sector is impossible.

Easier to start a “Freelance” business

What do you need to start freelancing as a developer? Very little equipment and investment. When in some professions it would be necessary to obtain a large amount of funding to invest in expensive equipment, we developers need very little: a simple computer and an Internet connection. It is therefore quite possible to start at a lower cost and work from home.

In addition to this, platforms like have been created for our business where customers propose their project and you submit your offer. This allows you to start finding customers more easily than most trades and without leaving home.

Have another vision of what surrounds you

A programmer creates algorithms to solve problems or perform actions. To achieve this, he reflects and analyses each part of what he has to do, he breaks down each part of his program. This has an impact on your daily life, because you will think differently than most people do.

You will begin to dissect and analyze everything around you to know its content and form where most people will stop to simply visualize this object. You will try to understand the “why” of the “how”.

Become self-taught

If you don’t know what it is, it’s knowing how to train to acquire skills and knowledge by yourself. And to succeed in programming, you have to be self-taught. You must be able to acquire the knowledge and skills when you need them and on your own in most cases.

The world of IT is changing, new languages and new versions are constantly being published. So you have no choice. But it is a very interesting quality for the rest of your life, because you will have a state of mind to do everything you want and you will not give up the first time you encounter an obstacle. And no matter what field you want to learn.

You are constantly learning something

What would your life be like if you stopped learning? Boring and undoubtedly challenging! With programming, you learn every day, whether in your mistakes, in the way you do things or simply by acquiring a new skill. You will be constantly evolving as you follow the technologies. If you work in a company, you will also learn other people’s jobs.