Bible Reveals the Church

It is tape-recorded in the holy bible that the apostles and Christians venerated on the very first day of the week, which gets on a Sunday. John: 20:19, Acts: 20:7. Any church that does not worship on Sunday (the day of the lord) is not the church of the scriptures. Strike it off the list of churches you are considering to go to.


The word of God reveals that when the early Apostles or Christians prayer on the Lord’s Day, they do four major points.

( 1) Continuing in Apostles teaching.
( 2) Fellowship
( 3) Damaging of Bread.
( 4) Prayers. Acts:2:42.


Numerous churches just do fellowship on Sunday and also go residence. If your church or the church you mean going to is a fellowship church just, after that think again. It is time ahead from it, prior to it is too late.


If the church you are mosting likely to or mean mosting likely to is a prayer church. When service begins, it’s all about petition, prayer as well as even more petition!! They may add fellowship in some instance, then think twice and very carefully leave that church, for you are missing out on something. The holy bible did not say that it resembled that the first Christians worshipped.


Jesus Christ is only recognized at the splitting of bread Lk: 24 -:30 -35. He directed His church to eat in His memory. Lk. 22:19. 1 Cor. 11:24 -25. This His fans do on the Lord’s Day Act 2:42, as well as often day-to-day. Acts: 2:46. Those who do not believe in the splitting of bread as shown by our Lord Jesus Christ stopped adhering to Christ.

Jn: 6:60 -66. It is his true body as well as real blood. 1 Cor: 11:23 -25. It is now fairly clear that any type of church which does refrain the splitting of bread is honestly disobeying our master Jesus Christ. They are scattering as opposed to building with Christ. They are not of Christ. Learn more information about James River Church in Springfield, MO from this link.

Despite how stunning their lectures, their wonders, the songs they play, the choir, the word of God shared, they are merely attempting to cover the reality. Girl: 2:5.


Throughout the New Testimony, we see the apostles’ doctrine, yet we will take 10 of them -10 most important doctrines to study.

1. Wrong: The holy bible instructs that there is a higher wrong Jn: 19:11, a temporal sin-sin that leads to death of heart lJn:5:16 and also a transgression that does not bring about fatality of heart lJn:5:16, yet all wrong is wrong. Un:5:17.

2. Admission: To acquire forgiveness of wrong, individuals confessed their transgressions to divine persons. Mk: 1:5, Acts: 19:18, James: 5:16. Jesus Christ enabled to his fans to forgive wrong by the Holy Ghost. 1 John: 20:22 -23. The instructors of incorrect doctrines assert we need only to admit our sins to God in various other to obtain mercy.

If God can recover individuals via other individuals, can he not forgive wrong likewise through his selected couple of. If your church or the church you want to attend does not follow this doctrine-better quit or do not go to such a church once more, for it is not a bible believing church, yet has actually thinned down the word of God.

3. Breaking of Bread: The Apostle Paul calls the Bread-Christ flesh and the wine-his blood. He claims that those who consume it anyways, eat condemnation and death. I Cor: 11:23 -34.

Some churches state it is only an indicator or icon of Christ visibility, yet have no scripture to back up their cases as well as they violate the training of St. Paul. Come out of such a church that buffoons words of God.

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