Building your own Furniture

Building your own wooden table – no witchcraft with our valuable tips

Have you been dreaming for a long time of a new, solid table that smells of wood and has a “Scandinavian” style? You are talented in craftsmanship and want to realize this building project yourself, but need a little instruction on how to do it right? We’ll explain how to build a cute piece of furniture for your living or dining room from a few boards and co.

Good planning is half the battle

Homemade furniture is always a great highlight in any home and underlines the individual character of the interior very much. However, when planning, remember where you want to place your new shuttercraft table so that it blends in perfectly with your interior design and looks harmonious. There is nothing worse than a table that is too large, which instead of decorating the interior, only crushes it and takes up too much free space. To find the optimum size, just think about how many people it should be made for and for what purpose you want to use it.

Simple wooden construction makes work more pleasant

Not every material can be processed in a home workshop, but wood is the exception. Wooden tables are very popular and relatively easy to build. The nice thing about it is that you don’t need any complicated tools for this task, but rather a certain feeling for how to handle this natural and very flexible building material. The quickest way is to build a table from wooden boards.

Table legs made of wooden beams

Each table leg carries a certain load and must therefore be durable. If you have old table legs lying around somewhere, you can use them wonderfully for your new table. Another alternative is wooden beams (available at any DIY store), which can be processed very flexibly. For smaller tables for four or six people, choose beams with a minimum thickness of 6 cm. The size of the beams should be adapted to the size of the table. For dining tables, the height from the floor should be approx. 75 cm.

Table top – the ultimate heart of your table

A lot of do-it-yourselfers decide for a very manageable, but nevertheless practical variant by taking a few wooden boards and connecting them with each other. This solution is not only comfortable to realize, but also provides a great look for your new piece of furniture. You can glue the individual boards together with a special wood glue. Then it is usually necessary to rub the wood with sandpaper and remove any unevenness to obtain a smooth surface.

Now it’s time to get to the brushes to give your worktop a nice coloured look. White tables are currently very popular because they stand for freshness and naturalness and can be easily combined with other furniture in your home.

Our professional tip: If you are not sure whether the glued worktop is stable enough, you can reinforce it from below with slats.

Fastening legs and table top

The legs are attached under the table top with a suitable wood glue. We recommend that you place them at a distance of approx. 3 cm from the edge of the tabletop. And now table, cover yourself – your new furniture is ready!

Small pieces of furniture with versatile uses – build your own wall shelving system

The wall shelf – an all-rounder among the pieces of furniture. It offers storage space for everything: Books, CDs, home accessories and becomes a decorative object for every home. If you enjoy do-it-yourself and like to put your imagination into practice, you can conjure up beautiful wall shelves yourself. In our blog post you can find out how you can design these useful valuables yourself. Have fun!

Paint the ladder with paint and let it dry. Now you can fix the ladder to the wall horizontally: drill holes according to the length of the ladder and insert dowels. Finally screw in the screws and fix the ladder to the screws. That’s how quickly your shelf is ready.

Shelf from wine box for books and CD-s

It is best to use a wooden wine box. First you have to remove all clamps from the wine box. Then you have to paint the whole crate. Now transfer the exact inside dimensions of the wooden box to a 40 x 60 cm board and wallpaper and cut both out with a cutter. Then glue the wallpaper with spray glue and fix it to the inner back wall of the wine box. Mount the suspension eyelet with two small screws at the top in the middle of the box and finally hang up the shelf.

Classic wooden shelf for books

A normal wooden shelf with two side walls consists of: cut wooden panels (available in DIY stores), dowels, lamellas and glue. In addition, you must also have a sanding machine and a cordless screwdriver at hand.

Carefully sand the surface of the boards with the sander and seal the wood with wax. Drill holes in the shelves and connect them to the side walls. Insert the lamellas into the recesses and laminate them with glue.

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